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Includes many photos and diagrams to help clarify the text. Ceconite Procedure Manual 101 UK CAA Civil Aircraft Airworthiness leaflet 2-8 Fabric Covering FAA Technical Standard Order TSO-C15d Joint Aviation Authorities JTSO C15d Poly-Fiber® Manual Aircraft Maintenance and Repair - Delp/Bent/McKinley Aviation Technician Integrated Training Program - Dale Crane CASA Civil Aviation Regulations 19. Great to learn and practice rib lacing. Use of any other topcoat paint over fabric will void the STC. How to Cover an Aircraft Using the Poly-Fiber System A Complete Manual Paperback – Janu by Jon Goldenbaum (Author) 5. A complete STC manual, a DVD and practical seminars are available to unravel the mystery of fabric covering. plugs you into somebody who really knows the products and how to use them.

That means 2" wide old fabric under 2" of new fabric in the seam. Poly-Fiber Fabric Style P103 $ 13. • Poly-Fiber is the world&39;s best-selling fabric-covering system. A spiral-bound classroom, as the ads say. I started using the PPG before Poly-Fiber changed the STC, but I&39;ve recently been getting field approvals to use PPG as a top coat. Includes very handy info such as charts listing all the covering supplies needed for many aircraft types, Poly-Fiber STC info for many types, product information, etc.

This manual is the New Testament version of the older manual by Ray Stits. 00 Add to cart for current price. This manual is an entertaining read and covers everything that is required to do a good covering job with Poly-Fiber. PolyFiber II turns a pourable mold rubber, such as Poly 74-30 Liquid Rubber, into a brushable system with any level of thickening desired – thin for a face coat or thicker for subsequent coats. By following this guide, you can safely and legally cover or re-cover your amateur-built or certified aircraft like a pro.

Bombay Dyeing - Polyester Division is engaged in manufacture of 100% virgin Polyester Staple Fibre & Textile grade PET Chips with NGSSS technology from Invista Polyester Technologies and Chemtex International Inc. The Official Poly-Fiber how-to manual. Turns a pourable mold rubber such as Poly 74-30 into a brushable system with any level of thickening desired - thin for a face coat or thicker for subsequent coats. Description This product manual is available as a digital download, After successfully adding it to your shopping cart and completing your order, you will immediately be emailed a receipt of your order in which will include a link to download a PDF file of the PolyFiber Manual. If you don&39;t already have India ink, a 2 ounce bottle is also about . As with any Poly-Fiber product, there&39;s always plenty of "been there - poly fiber manual done that" technical assistance just a toll-free phone call away. So your aircraft is covered or partially covered with a type of aircraft fabric.

Pinked Finishing Tape $ 18. The bottle will dye a lot more material than 1 pound. However, I&39;ve been using PPG as a top coat, Durethane at first and then Delta when Durethane was discontinued.

So Spencer Aircraft has created "Poly-Fiber Made Easy". I&39;ve been using Poly-Fiber for 12 years now and none of my aircraft have the cracking problem you describe. Go down to bare fabric. It&39;s a whole covering course in a book.

This is a major change to the STC. The Official Poly-Fiber how-to manual. Possibly Ceconite, Poly Fiber or Oratex? Cement the patch to the old fabric using a 1 inch or 2 inch overlap and Poly-Tak cement. We have taken the manufacturer&39;s literature and created complete fabric covering kits for your airplane. Scroll down, select Covering Kits Made Easy, select your plane and place your order. Revision 21, September, of the Poly-Fiber Procedure Manual No.

POLY-FIBER BLUSH RETARDER poly fiber manual BR-8600. They also say that it may require a 2" wide finish tape centered over the seams of the patch. PolyFiber II makes a pourable plastic, such as Poly 1512X Liquid Plastic, into a highly versatile, brushable consistency for making lightweight mother.

Superfil Epoxy Filler Sandable, Paintable & Non-Shrinking Filler Kit. Kit includes a simplified manual, thermometer, rib lacing needle, practice frame & coatings to cover it at least twice through the Poly-Spray stage. Heat shrink the area with an iron calibrated to 350 degrees F. • For over forty years, the all-vinyl Poly-Fiber system has proven to be the easiest to use, most forgiving. TintedPoly-fiber Poly-spray QuartPoly-fiber ReducerBrush 1"m Wetordry SandpaperRib Stitch Needle 3" CurveDacron Fabric 2. ) topcoat paint over the fabric-covered components of certified aircraft. The manual will take you from a bare airframe to an award winning finish. This is a step-by-step guide to covering and finishing your fabric-covered aircraft using the Poly-Fiber family of products.

It is a weather, chemical and solvent resistant two-part urethane varnish formulated especially for aircraft and marine wood surfaces which will be exposed to severe. Brush on a coat of Poly-Brush over the new fabric. 135 pages of step-by-step instruction, helpful photos, great nostalgic cartoons, extra words of wisdom, and a delightful sense of humor. poly-fiber metl-sol c-2200 metal surface cleaner.

7ozSurface Tape Dacron 2"Stits Hand Sewing Thread. Select options Details. poly-fiber repair kit. To be sure, check the Master Eligibility List in the latest revision of Poly-Fiber Procedure Manual No. When you cover your airplane with Poly-Fiber, you get everything you need. A calibrating thermometer is included to teach the skill of proper heat tautening- a key ingredient to the Poly-Fiber system. Toll Free:Sales:.

0 out of 5 stars 19. The Best Manual in the Business! Uncertified Fabric Style P106 $ 9. SPME fiber assembly Carboxen/Polydimethylsiloxane (CAR/PDMS) df 75 μm, for use with manual holder, needle size 24 ga; find Supelco-57318 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. Poly Fiber Epoxy Primer and Varnish Poly-Fiber Practice or Small Repair Kit. So now when you order, you order like an expert!

For over 40 years, the Poly-Fiber all vinyl system has proven to be the easiest to use, most indulgent and most durable system on the market. I was just looking in my Poly Fiber manual, and it says on a large patch of 8" or more in diameter, you need a 2" overlapped seam. The Poly Fiber manual recommends using a 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to do a wet sand of the painted surfaces, then use an acrylic cleaner (a prep cleaner) before applying a new coat of paint. A introduction Poly-Fiber covering and painting manual is included in the kit as a reference, but the instructions are also. The properties of PFRC with various fiber volume % are shown in Table 2. The original fabric covering system. Used to thicken polyurethane rubbers and plastics for making brushed molds and shells.

Poly-Brush seals the fabric and acts as a cement that soaks through the fabric and poly fiber manual further secures the fabric to the airframe. Vintage Aircraft Services Page 2 of 2 Mix 4:1 with R 65-75 Thinner or RR8500 Spray second cross-coat of Poly-Spray Wet Sand Spray third cross-coat of Poly-Spray Color Spray first cross-coat of Poly-Tone Poly-Tone Mix 4:1 with R 65-75 Thinner or RR8500. This piece was covered using medium weight fabric and light weigh. View in Catalog View in Catalog. Superplasticizers, when added to fiber-reinforced concrete, can lower water: cement ratios, and improve the strength, volumetric stability and handling characteristics of the wet mix. This is the Bible for Classic Restorations, Homebuilders, and Military Restoration. • The system is designed for first time users as well as experienced restorers. You get 151 pages of clear, non-jargon, step-by-step instruction, the entire Poly-Fiber system, from basic materials to blue ribbon.

Poly-fiber Poly-tak PintPoly-brush Qt. Poly Fiber II is a short, white polyethylene fiber. Consolidated Aircraft Coatings is the manufacturer of Poly-Fiber, Randolph, Star Gloss, and Ceconite Products. Download Per the Poly Fiber manual, Poly Tak is thinned with MEK. Sales:Tech Support:Maintenance:. Poly-Fiber is approved for use on most certified aircraft. Poly-Fiber Process as per Poly-Fiber Procedure Manual poly fiber manual 1, revision 21, Sept.

Univair Aircraft Corporation 2500 Himalaya Road Aurora, Colorado 80011 Toll Free Sales:Phone:. According to the instruction manual the fabric and coatings will have a service life of about 15-20 years. The time variable is of course dependent upon how much time the airplane is exposed to the sun and elements. All the tools and materials. Submit: Submit: Contact. As a cost comparison, the Woodland Scenics green poly fiber is about for a ½ ounce bag. 1 STC SA 1008WE allows only Poly-Tone or Aero-Thane or Ranthane (Ranthane now approved!

poly-tone rejuvenator. The system is designed for novice users as well as for experienced restorers. Time-lapse video of how I covered a SuperSTOL fuselage with the Poly-fiber covering system. It is tough, light-fast, non-chalking.

A pound of white poly fiber is about . Again, you may wish to "VERY LIGHTLY" sand the painted finish to smooth out dust trapped in the painted surface between each coat. Koller Products Tom Aquarium Poly-Fiber Filter Pad 3 Pack Fits Rapids Pro Filter 1350, 1351, 1315 & 1316. Kit consists of a reusable wooden frame, a yard of P-103 fabric and enough dope to cover the frame at least two times, brushes and sandpaper.

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