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Submit the completed Leave Report copies to HRS in accordance with the applicable deadline on the Payroll Documents Schedule (see BPPM 55. The Section 1557 Civil Rights Coordinator may be contacted at: Cougar Health Services Access and Civil Rights Coordinator Mailing Address: P. Professional leaves may be granted to faculty members in recognition of meritorious service and/or scholarly achievement in teaching, research, and creative activity. Experimental use of pesticides | Memo | Policy(2/21/07) 2. Fiscal responsibilities for grants and contracts | Policy 2. If the employee has more than one employing department, identify one as the home department. Where conduct does not meet the violation standards listed below, but is discriminatory in nature, WSU may t. Understanding fixed price and cost-reimbursable agreements |Guideline 28 (pdf).

Faculty & Staff Manual. Promotion and Tenure. HRS also maintains a copy of the alternate leave record used by ea.

Data management plan resources | Guideline 10 (pdf)(4/22/11) 2. Eligibility requirements to submit proposals | Policy (pdf)(1/19/06). Conducting classified research wsu faculty manual | Draft Memo (pdf)(3/30/09) 4. The goal of revised process is to make annual reviews less onerous for faculty, staff, and administrators as well as to create a more holistic review of faculty work that is more integrated with the promotion and/or tenure process. WSU is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, accessible, and equitable community. Enter the employee’s name. CRCI acts in an impartial manner following its Procedural Guidelines, which include information on reporting, interim measures, determination to proceed, investigative procedures, informal resolutions, and appeals.

Discriminatory conduct includes a wide spectrum of behaviors. Requesting excess compensation | Guideline 21(5/15/18) 4. . Faculty-Friendly Policies ADVANCE at WSU supports institutional policy and leadership attitudes to create a culture that promotes achievement by all faculty members and provides for leadership succession planning. Coronavirus COVID-19. (See Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. .

Last update12/14/18 hb. Janet Peters Scholarly Associate Professor, Psychology CIC 125N janet. edu/prf/index/forms/ An alternate leave record may be substituted for the Leave Report if HRS approves the alternate leave record priorto department use. Faculty Manual Presidential Approved forSection I: Organization | I A. Percent FTE determines the monthly leave accrual and mustbe entered. Understanding export control regulations | Guideline 27 (pdf)(7/08). Faculty or anyone in a supervisory role is prohibited from having supervisory responsibility over a student or subordinate with whom he or she is currently having a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Contact Human Resource Services (HRS) to determine overtime eligibility status.

WSU Adjunct Clinical Instructor Manual- Updated Fall 1 WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY Adjunct Nursing Faculty Manual Department of Nursing Phone: 507. Consistent with Executive Policy Manual EP26: Internal Investigations Training and Policy, the Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Investigation (CRCI), or its designee, is responsible for University investigations under this policy. 3, is the responsibility of the individual faculty member. Information on student conduct policies and procedures are available on the Center for Community Standards website. Check the Faculty Manual for details on the review of faculty.

These policies work in tandem with the employee handbooks and manuals. Faculty Manual update Septem TheFaculty Manual has been posted on the Faculty Senate homepage. Processing materials transfer agreements | Guideline 23 (pdf) (1/). Enter the employee’s homedepartment. Washington State University Office of the Provost Washington State University Office of the Provost “As the chief academic officer for Washington State University, I have the distinct privilege to work with senior leadership, deans, faculty, and staff to shape every aspect of the academic enterprise at this great institution. Gender identity or expression 5.

The manual is available on the Faculty Senate website, Other updates streamline the process for appointing chairs and directors and make changes to sections on patents, copyrights and royalties. ORSO Soft Funded FAQ: Updated July 3. Using human subjects in research | Memo (pdf) | IRB Manual(10/22/13) 3. Washington State University values an environment of inclusion, trust, and respect as beneficial for learning and working. We at CAHNRS are doing our part to limit the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Supervisory responsibility includes any supervisory role perceived as a position of power or authority, and is not limited to instruction, research, academic advising, coaching, service on research and thesis (dissertation) committees, assignment of grades, evaluation and recommendation in an institutional capacity for employment, scholarships, fellowships, or awards. ) The Section 1557 Civil Rights Coordinator works with CRCI regarding investigation of the complaint.

Click HERE for theFaculty Manual Common Questions Is Partner Accommodation Available? Sponsored projects subcontracting | Guideline 7 (pdf)(3/17/15) 5. Visiting faculty on summer appointments 4. Administering ethyl alcohol in human experimentation | Guideline 18 (pdf)(6/1/92) 5. WSU Strategic Plan. See the WSU Faculty Manual for more information, and contact the Office of Commercialization for policy a. In such relationships voluntary consent by the student or subordinate i.

View the list of canceled or postponed college events. Refer to BPPM 60. – Recent updates to the Faculty Manual include abridged annual reviews, elimination of the Hearing Committee Panel and more. When to seek approval and review from Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) | Memo (pdf) | IBC Manual(2/15/13) 6. Relationships between individuals in which neither party is in a position to evaluate or supervise the other party are no.

edu. Be sure that all copies are legible. Discrimination means wsu faculty manual unfair different treatment of, or behavior towards, another based on the individual’s or individuals’ membership in a protected class, or their perceived membership in a protected class. wsu faculty manual WSU Faculty Manual and EP 38 on Intellectual Property policy require that new inventions be disclosed to the Office of Commercialization for intellectual property protection, marketing and licensing. Refer to the Faculty Manual for University policies regarding compensated outside service and extended professional activities for faculty. WSU offers support even if reporting parties choose to limit the information they disclose.

The policy also requires that licensing income be distributed as laid out in the Faculty manual and EP 38. See the current Washington State University Committee Manual for names, structure, and functions. This may include taking steps to address conduct, in consultation with CRCI, Human Resource wsu faculty manual Services, and the WSU Division of the Office of the Attorney General, providing training to employees or students, and ensuring policies and procedures are in compliance with this policy.

(This category is used for retire/rehire positions only. Administrative professional employees who are eligible to earn overtime. For the Compensation Policy and Conflicts of Interest please reference the WSU Faculty Manual online or the Human Resources website. Managing research records: definition, retention, ownership, access and storage | Policy. WSU Office of the Provost.

Visit the Provost’s website for guidelines on policies/procedures, Third Year Review and Tenure/Promotion. Faculty Senate passed this measure Octo. Ensure staff are adequately trained on this policy (see Employee Training Requirements); 3. Policies concerning advancement in rank, or promotion, are designed to encourage superior service. As a matter of sound judgment, faculty, graduate teaching and research assistants, residence hall officers, and other supervisory employees in the University community accept responsibility to avoid any apparent or actual conflict of interest between their professional responsibilities and their personal relationships with students or those whom they supervise, evaluate, or exercise other relationships of power or authority. Coordinate and cooperate with the Lead Title IX Coordinator or CRCI regarding compliance, investigations, and resolutions under this policy, including taking appropriate steps to prevent or respond to potential retaliation and interference as prohibited by this policy; 2. Compliance (RCR and COI) training for researchers | Guideline 8 (pdf) (1/20) | Click here for CITI registration and training directions (pdf) 2. Further appeals should follow the lines of the organizational chart without skipping any intermediate steps.

WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NURSIN G. University Ombudsman. Enter the mail code of the employee’s homedepartment. The following guidelines have been established for the purpose of providing a framework consistent with the WSU Faculty Manual and a reference that can assist both faculty members wishing to engage in professional (i.

Personnel policies and procedures of Washington State University represent the cooperative efforts of the faculty, the administrative officers, and the Board of Regents to develop and maintain a superior faculty. Information on policies and procedures under the purview of the Office of Internal Auditare available on their website. AP employees may be granted up to 12 months of leave without pay upon approval of the appointing authority. This update aligns with the university’s EPPM policies on assessment, which include recognizing assessment work in.

Faculty resource guide for Washington public records requests | Guideline 16 (pdf)(11/29/16) 4. Faculty and administrative professional employees who are ineligible to earn overtime and who accumulate annual or sick leave are to document leave activity by completing and certifying Leave Reports as described in this section. Indicate the employee’s type. Transferring NIH grants | Guideline (pdf)(6/12/15) 3. Gwen Halaas, MD, MBA Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs gwen.

Such supervisory responsibilities are prohibited in the case of a current academic or supervisory role, or if the parties may reasonably anticipate that an evaluative role may exist in the near future. edu/~ombuds/ Office of the Provost French Administration, Room 436 Pullman, WAprovost. Faculty employees may refer to the Faculty Manual for more information about faculty leave without pay availability, restrictions, and procedures. Harassment and Discrimination Protections in NIH Training Applications (NOT-OD| WSU H. wsu Enter the month and year of the reported leave and leave accrual. eREX Narrative Hold Program information: April Narrative Hold Primer.

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