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These systems can be used in both new construction and re-roofing. Carlisle’s Sure-Weld roofing systems utilize a material which offers high resiliency and reflectivity, with the added benefits of heat-welded carlisle tpo installation manual seams. experience the carlisle difference| p. As with any roofing installation,. A contractor needs to align the inside edge of the nozzle with the edge of the roller. For over 50 years, Insulfoam has been enabling building professionals to construct high-quality building insulation systems at a minimal cost. This issue has been particularly prominent in the Southern states, that get both a lot of sun and heat year round. TPO Roofi ng Systems Thermoplastic polyolefi n, or TPO, is the fastest-growing segment of the commercial roofi ng industry, and Carlisle is the leading supplier of this type of roofi ng.

To avoid future problems, it is also critical not to crease the membrane when it is folded during installation. Used to seal cut edges of reinforced Sure-Weld membrane. Cut-Edge Sealant 1. For proper installation, there carlisle tpo installation manual should be no welder drag. 2 Insulation shall be fastened in accordance with specifications. Box 7000 | Carlisle, PA 17013 | Fax:| www. Consult Carlisle for specifics.

Installation is important when it comes to putting a single-ply roofing system on a building, and there are over 140 standard TPO details available from Carlisle SynTec. Flat Roof Repair - Turbo Poly Seal 143,853 views. Since this membrane carlisle tpo installation manual is 100% solid, there is no shrinkage or additional coats required due to absorption by the. Carlisle Voice of the Contractor: TPO Roofing System Installing a Carlisle TPO Roofing System. Used to fill sealant pockets, and where details call for exposed caulking. 1 The type of fastener and plate for securing the membrane is determined by deck type.

Up next SAT (Self Adhering Technology) TPO Roofing System - Duration. This is a necessary step that can prevent excessive heat during welding. Flashing Installation This guide is designed for your convenience. Heat-welding fuses individual sheets of membrane, creating a monolithic assembly and a consistent, smooth appearance. roof, you total installation cost for TPO will be ,500-9,000. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION/ RANGE OF APPLICATIONS 1.

01 GENERAL The components of this roofing system are to be products of Carlisle or accepted by Carlisle as compatible. Folding over the membrane can result in a hard crease and surface cracking. The installation, performance or. Fueling this growth is the increased use of TPO in southern climates where refl ective, energy-effi cient and cool roof products are becoming the norm. Mastic used to prevent moisture migration at drains, and compression type details.

U-Anchor Installation – U – PVC / TPO / KEE / TPA Roof Membranes By acceptance of any proposal, issuance of any order and/or payment of any invoice, the customer acknowledges and warrants that all statements or suggestions by Anchor Products or its affiliates of any type, amount, use or placement of products for customer’s projects is. WeatherBond Pro Manual - Updated 12/ Mechanically Attached Installation Specification - Attachment I 3 7. See full list on tporoofing. The TPO panel included representatives from GAF Materials Corp, Carlisle SynTec and other commercial roofing manufacturers. Firestone UltraPly™TPO Standard Systems Application Guide Interim Updates at www. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Fueling this growth is the increased use of TPO in southern climates where cooling costs signifi cantly outweigh heating costs. GENERAL JOB SITE CONSIDERATIONS Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be on location at all times during the transportation, storage and application of materials.

Carlisle’s Sure-Weld. REFERENCE TO THE DESIGN GUIDE, TECHNICAL INFORMATION SHEETS (T. Sweep loose debris from the substrate.

Installation Options EverGuard ® TPO 60-mil Membrane has a versatile application method and is suitable for all types of single-ply systems: Mechanically Attached Application: A quick and cost-effective system that can be installed practically year-round. Sure-Weld Coated Metal 1. · Typical installation of a Ballasted Roofing System. assembly prior to installation. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the design authority. contractor meeting its responsibility to install the systems in accordance with Tremco’s published recommendations and instructions, as well as good roofing practices. The mechanically attached system has a maximum slope limitation of 18 inches of rise in one horizontal foot.

C ertain data is provided in M D (m achine direction) x C M D (cross m achine direction) form at. Carlisle Technical Manual. SUBSTRATE PREPARATION 1. Probes tend to sharpen with use and as a result must be occasionally dulled. 5 mil TPO membrane laminated to a butyl adhesive sealant to form a 22 mil composite. Ideal welding temperature should be the lowest temperature that provides good seams at production speeds. This product forms easily into “out-of-square” corners that are not exactly 90°.

The roofing system / material information published in the RoofStar Roofing Practices Manualdoes NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturers published data, nor does it represent a detailed specification. What is Carlisle TPO membrane? Also, it is really important to do test welds whenever the machine is restarted. Carlisle Technical Specialists provide contractor authorization training, upgrade training, on site training, technical assistance, and inspections. Options are based on Carlisle’s Design Criteria, code approvals, and project specifications. Used for adhering flashing to metal edgings or scupper inserts. carlisle universal single-ply sealant or sealant (by others) metal counter flashing (by others).

1 On retrofit-recover projects, cut, remove and replace wet insulation. What is Carlisle roofing? TPO single-ply roof installation at TitleMax in Goodlettsville, TN. Sure-Weld High Slope (HS) membrane is formulated for specific fire code approvals, and Sure-Weld EXTRA is 80 mils thick for the longest-term performance and.

Search Menu Login or Sign Up. . Roof cement must be removed. TPO Pre-Molded Inside Corners are used for flashing inside corners on a variety of details.

Sure-Weld Bonding Adhesive 1. Can be installed over most roof decks / substrates (steel, wood plank, plywood, OSB, pre-cast, poured in place and lightweight concrete, etc. · Carlisle SAT TPO Installation. Hot-air welding of the seams was identified as the practice where most significant mistakes were being made by contractors. Videos have been put together for many of these details, and can be found in the video hub below. . Store Sure-Weld accessories in a dry p.

· "TPO (Thermoplastic) Rooftop Guide/Inspection Checklist" is a handy two-page document put together by Carlisle Syntec Systems. Carlisle Sure-Weld membrane is a premium heat-weldable single-ply thermoplastic polyolefi n (TPO) sheet designed for new roof construction and re-roofi ng applications. 2 Substrate must be even without noticeable high spots or depressions, and must be free carlisle tpo installation manual of water, snow, and / or ice. Approved American National Standard ANSI/SPRI WD-1. Reference to the UltraPly TPO Design Guide, technical Information sheets (TIS), and other published information is necessary to ensure that the finished roof system is installed in compliance with Firestone requirements. Versico&39;s TPO membranes have a thicker and smoother top ply over scrim for enhanced long-term weathering, as well as the industry-leading OctaGuard XT weathering package.

Note: All Carlisle roof systems referenced within this document meet Class 1 construction and Severe Hail (SH) rating. For a decent quality TPO membrane, pricing starts at . Membrane Installation and Hot Air Welding 1.

Foot Traffic Walkways must be provided if regular traffic is required or if rooftop equipment. 2 Sheet size ( foot), number of perimeter sheets, and fastener frequency. When probing, it is best to use a blunt probe. Can roofing contractors install TPO membranes? Reinforced Flashing 1.

ACCESSORIES Non-Reinforced Flashing 1. DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING 1. Installation is fast and easy with no cutting or stretching required. 1 Selection of suitable insulation, insulation thickness, and fastener frequency are selected based on project specifics. Competitively Priced: Ensures compatibility with roof membrane and system warranties PART II PRODUCTS 2. It references Carlisle products, but it&39;s broadly applicable to other TPO systems.

Test welds should be done at least twice daily at the start of the day and after lunch. The TPO Line Set Wrap is applied by peeling off the release liner while covering the pipe wrap insulation. To avoid this, it is best to fold back the membrane for applying adhesives or fasteners.

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane is the largest segment in the commercial roofing industry, and Versico has the TPO experience you want in a manufacturer. Rolls: 6 inches wide by 100 feet long For flashing metal edge details. Short for thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price.

P h ysical P rop erties A S T M T est M eth od A S T M 6878 M in im u m E verG u ard T yp ical T est D ata 1. Insulation and underlayment must be stored so that it is kept dry and is protected from the elements. Heat-welded seams provide superior strength. The purpose of this guide is to reinforce installation techniques. 01 GENERAL THIS FIRESTONE’S TECHNICAL MANUAL PROVIDES INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BASIC INSTALLATION OF FIRESTONE’S ULTRAPLY TPO ROOF SYSTEM. CCW – 102C Sealant 1. refer to securedge coping installation instruction manual refer to securedge coping installation instruction manual securedge coping installation instruction manual manual for step-by-step instruction procedures.

Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO membrane is based on advanced polymerization technology that combines the fl exibility of ethylene- propylene (EP) rubber with the heat weldability of polypropylene. WeatherBond PRO Manual - Updated 12/ Adhered Installation Specification 2 WeatherBond PRO Adhered Roofing System Part II - Installation December A. If this is not done correctly, improper alignment of the hot-air nozzle can create gouges in the membrane outside of the seam. TPO&39;s long-term heat, UV, and natural fungal resistance, plus flexibility without need for plasticizers also make TPO a reliable low-slope roofing system. com EXPERIENCE THE CARLISLE DIFFERENCE Universal Corners Overview Carlisle’s labor-saving, pre-molded Sure-Weld TPO Universal Corners are. See Carlisle’s Installation Guide for specific cleaning instructions. See full list on rpm.

MEMBRANES Consult the list of Accepted Materials by clicking on the MATERIALS link above.

Carlisle tpo installation manual

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